Named One of the Top Photographers in Los Angeles

By Party Slate

"Katie Beverley’s easy-going manner and natural ability to find the most flattering shot result in authentic, yet refined photography." - PartySlate

“Working with Katie is an amazing experience from beginning to end. She always captures the event so beautifully, from each tiny detail to every joyful moment, all while creating a comfortable atmosphere. You can tell she cares genuinely about each client and their happiness. Both her skill and personality are unmatched.”

“She makes everyone at ease with her soft, gentle voice while guiding you to pose naturally. She documents your life in a way that’s very natural while bringing out the best in your emotions and happiness. One of the few photographer that’s gifted in photographing both people and fine detail exceptionally.”

“Becoming a Katie Beverley client was the best decision I made for my wedding. She is both professional and knowledgeable. Katie’s photographs are beautiful works of art and her albums are exquisite.”

“Katie is equally adept in allowing quiet, personal moments to unfold uninterrupted as she is at arranging the perfect family photo with 30 people. Hiring Katie was the single best choice we made in planning our wedding.”