About Katie

My grandfather was a photographer, my mother was a photographer, and I suppose it was inevitable that photography found me. For as long as I can remember I have been captivated by art, design, color, and light. I’ve been a photographer for twenty years and counting, and my love for it has never been stronger.

I'm always looking at the light.

I love using natural light. Over the years I’ve refined an approach that takes advantage of the highlights and shadows that already exist within a given space, so I can bring out the very best in my clients.

I love weddings.

I get a rush from the energy of a wedding day. Every wedding contains an abundance of spontaneous and beautiful moments that present themselves naturally. Each has its own personality and pacing, and I've found that some of my very best work has come about when there wasn’t time to plan out or construct an image before it just… happened.

I strive to create timeless imagery.

With each commission, my goal is to present a couple and their families with the very highest quality imagery, and a collection of photographs that are infused with memories and moments that happened while they weren’t even looking.

Photo by Robert Tran

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